One Huguenot’s Flight from Religious Persecution Creates the Bondurant Family in America

BFA Genealogy Research Committee

The Genealogy Research Committee was established by the BFA membership at the October 26, 2019 annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. Its purpose is “to further our understanding of the various Bondurant family lineages descending from John Peter (Jean Pierre) Bondurant and Ann Tanner, and assist Members in moving forward in their research so that they can firmly establish their connections to the correct lineage” using traditional genealogical methods as well as DNA testing.

This aligns with the BFA By-Laws, which state that one of the main purposes of the BFA “is to collect and catalog, for the use of the members, in a computer database, as much Bondurant and allied family surnames as we can obtain from members of BFA and others. These data may be in the form of family group sheets, pedigree charts, cemetery records, census reports, Bible records, land records, wills, old letters, etc.”

The use of this form will help the BFA Research Committee to better understand the genealogical research needs of its membership and to provide a focused and organized way to access information already collected. It will help log requests, see when a request has been fulfilled and assure that any information provided has been properly added to the Bondurant database, thus enhancing the information available to disseminate to its membership and to help with new requests for assistance.

To make a BFA Research Request, please fill out the following
Research Assistance Form.

In addition to the BFA Research Request Form, please use this form to send your ancestral chart (pedigree) to the BFA Research Committee:

To assist members in gathering more complete information to build as full a family tree as possible, use this form:

Print as many copies as you need, complete them, and then scan and email them to:

Questions? Contact the Chairperson of the BFA Research Committee at the above email address.