The Bondurants Go West!
2019 BFA Meeting at the Courtyard Marriott, Portland, Oregon
October 25-26, 2019


This year’s Meet & Greet on Friday evening was a splendid opportunity to meet lots of “new” cousins from the western part of our great country! Many thanks to Susan Bundrant Scharf, the coordinator for this year’s gathering, and the speakers at the meeting on Saturday for a wonderful weekend together.
Our reunion in Portland was wonderful. The setting in the exciting city of Portland in a centrally located hotel provided a new experience for many of us unaccustomed to life in the big city. We had eclectic surroundings which included an urban city scape with a very diverse citizenry. Public transport in the form of busses and street cars made getting around very convenient. The busses whizzed by and the street cars noisily clanked by through the busy streets. Unlike Atlanta the conveyances were always full of commuters.
Cool buildings enveloped the river. So many parks and statues were scattered among the tall buildings. The nearby waterfront decorated with dramatic bridges providing contrast with the skyline. Marijuana shops on every corner. Street musicians were seen next to homeless sleeping on the sidewalks. For some reason I noticed that many of the sidewalk sleepers dwelled in body-shaped tents pitched right next to the curb. Taking a peek inside these one person camps I could see cell phones and other electronic devices. I wondered how they charged their batteries. Compared to the homeless of Atlanta these folk are up-scale!!!
I especially enjoyed visiting Powell’s City of Books. Many stories tall, some say it is the largest book store in the world. All of the venues were accessible by foot, Uber or public transport. We made the mistake of driving our car to the hotel. It was expensive to have the car parked. Next time we will fly as many did. They were able to take the train from the airport into the city so no vehicle needed.
We are grateful to Susan Bundrant Scharf for organizing this year’s meeting. I was very impressed by the obvious pride our Portlander cousins take in their beautiful city.

We must have had about 45 come for the Meet and Greet on Friday evening. Ed Bondurant gave a stirring tribute to his father, Dr. John Connelly Bondurant. Some of our attendees had been his patients. During the roundtable meet and greet session it was neat to see Western Bondurants meet for the first time, having only heard of each other during their lives. I could see new friendships and connections being formed.
The next morning we met in the hotel conference room again. Our host, Susan Scharf, gave a fascinating presentation of her branch of Bundrants. She had super old photos and she pointed out the striking similarities in the looks of her ancestors. Quite distinctive indeed!!! She relayed a heartwarming story of her grandparents who led humble but romantic lives. You can tell Susan is from “good family.”
Next David Bondurant gave an engaging presentation about Jean Pierre Bondurant’s wife Ann Tanner’s ancestors and early Virginia history. He had beautiful photos and explained Ann Tanner’s lineage, including the lands her ancestors obtained upon arriving from England. She is quite possibly a descendant of Christopher Newport. We know that Ann was the daughter of Mary Hatcher, providing a connection to the English gentry. David’s talk also featured early colonial history and our relation to it. It kept everyone rapt. For me it was especially enticing that these people would also be MY ANCESTORS! I was intrigued by the maps showing the historical locations that can still be visited. I would like to visit these areas next year.
During the business meeting which followed we elected officers for 2020-2021 and created three new committees. The officers are myself as president; Tom BonDurant, vice-president; Amy Warren Sanders continues as our Treasurer; Susan Clark Neese, Secretary; David Bondurant continues as Webmaster, with Bill BonDurant from Chicago as back up webmaster. Eve B. Mayes agreed to continue as Newsletter Editor.
The new committees are 1) The Ann Tanner Memorial Marker Committee. This is to place a similar marker for Ann Tanner next to Jean Pierre’s in the Bondurant plot in Powhatan. Led by Bruce Ramsdell. Co-members are Susan Scharf, Marcelle Hoffman and Shirley Seaborn. 2) The Event Coordination Committee. This is to arrange hotel accommodations and venue locations. Led by Susan Scharf. Marcelle Hoffman will assist. 3) The Genealogy Research Committee. Led by Susan Clark Neese and helped by Donna Crumb and Susan Scharf. This is to work with our tree and use DNA to help members determine their place in it. (I believe Susan collected more than ten member DNA samples with kits from FamilyTree DNA.) We hope you will get involved with one of these new projects so that BFA can continue to reach new cousins in the future.
Our reunion ended with lunch at the nearby Huber’s Restaurant, a historical café which provided a site for a hearty meal and some good fellowship. See the BFA Facebook page 142740453048/ for more photos from the meeting! Afterwards some of us took a walk up the waterfront and explored from China Town to Powell’s City of Books for some coffee.
I do hope that many of our new west coast BFA members make it East to our ancestral home of Virginia for next year’s reunion.
Bruce Ramsdell President


The Bondurant Family Association Annual Meeting October 26, 2019
Meeting Minutes
The 2019 Annual Meeting of The Bondurant Family Association was held at the Courtyard Marriott City Center Hotel in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, October 26, 2019. The meeting was called to order by BFA President Bruce Ramsdell at 9:00 a.m.
Meeting Attendees
New members are marked with an asterisk “*”. BFA Members are marked with an “M”.
Jill Adams, Oregon Charlotte Baker, Oregon Bruce Wayne Bondurant, Nevada (M) David & Judy Bondurant, Colorado (M) Ed Bondurant, Oregon (M) James & Barbara Bondurant, Washington James Richard Bondurant, Oregon (M) John Bondurant, Oregon Mathieu James Bondurant (M) Richard & Dianna Bondurant, Oregon (*) Susan Bondurant, Washington (M) Thomas Robert “Tom” BonDurant, Mississippi (M) William Richard BonDurant, Illinois (*) Wayne & Betty Bondurant Brown (M) James Larry Bundrant, Oregon Don & Loretta Collins, Washington (*) Donna Moseley Crumb, Washington (*)(M) Darren & Joellen Bondurant Dilla, Oregon Erin Graff, Oregon
Steve & Inez Bondurant Griffels, Oregon (M)
Teresa Griffels, Oregon Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman, California (M)
Virginia Herndon, Oregon

Kris Larsen, Washington Susan McDonell, Oregon (*) Don & Bonnie Bondurant Marks, Oregon (M)
Susan Clark Neese, California (*)(M) Rose Bondurant Neyman, Oregon Sue Pittman, Oklahoma (*)(M) Bruce Ramsdell & Marvin White, Georgia (M) James & Sabrina Renfrew, Washington Karen Saben, Oregon (*) Susan Bundrant Scharf, Oregon Joyce Bondurant Sneddon, Oregon Terri Tufts, Oregon Ronald L Wanger, Washington Veronica Wanger Darling, Oregon
Special Presentations
Special acknowledgment goes to Ed Bondurant (Oregon) for the great biographical sketch he presented on his father, Dr. John Bondurant, at Friday evening’s Meet and Greet. At 9:15 a.m., David William Bondurant (Colorado) presented a slideshow on “Our First English Ancestors.” At 10:00 a.m., Susan Bundrant Scharf (Oregon), presented a slideshow on “From Bondurant to Bundrant.”
Business Meeting
The minutes from the 2018 BA Annual Meeting held on October 20, 2018 in Midlothian, Virginia, were read by Acting Secretary Susan Clark Neese, in the absence of Mary Bondurant Warren, BFA Secretary. Corrections to the Minutes: Bruce Ramsdell noted that mention of the motion to install a memorial marker for Ann Tanner, like the one installed for Jean Pierre Bondurant, and to allocate the sum of $2,500 for this purpose, was omitted from the minutes. The minutes should be amended to reflect this. Tom Bondurant made a motion to accept the 2018 BFA Annual Meeting Minutes as amended with the motion to install a marker for Ann Tanner and to allocate the sum of $2,500 for this purpose. David Bondurant seconded the motion. Motion was carried.
Treasurer’s Report
The BFA Treasurer’s Report dated September 30, 2019 was read by Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman, BFA Vice President, in the absence of Amy Warren Sanders, BFA Treasurer. Corrections to the Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report will be amended to reflect the allocation of $2,500 for the memorial plaque for Ann Tanner in the Ann Tanner Memorial Marker Fund. Tom Bondurant made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as amended. David Bondurant seconded the motion. Motion was carried.
Old Business BFA T-Shirt Report – BFA Vice President Marcelle Hoffman postponed the t-shirt report since Eve Mayes was not in attendance. She noted that there are still BFA t-shirts available for sale. Send requests to Eve Mayes.
BFA Membership Dues – Vice President Marcelle Hoffman mentioned that BFA Membership dues for 2020 can be sent to Amy W. Sanders, BFA Treasurer.
Jean Pierre Bondurant Gravesite Report
– President Bruce Ramsdell noted that he and Tom Seaborn paid a visit this spring to JPB’s gravesite where they trimmed back the magnolia tree and sprayed the poison ivy. Bruce intends to return next spring to spray the poison ivy again. Discussion followed noting that the BFA no longer pays anyone for the upkeep of JPB’s gravesite.
New Business
Group photographs of the 2019 BFA Meeting attendees were taken at 10:45 a.m.
President Bruce Ramsdell recognized the new members in attendance. They are indicated with an asterisk (“*”) in the roster of attendees, listed above.
President Bruce Ramsdell introduced proposals for the formation of three new committees and asked for volunteers to head them or to assist:
TheAnn Tanner Memorial Marker Committee.This committee will identify a new monument company
to make the marker and will determine what information will be engraved on the marker. Bruce Ramsdell volunteered to head this committee. Susan Scharf, Marcelle Hoffman, Tom and Shirley Seaborn volunteered to assist.
(2) The Event Coordination Committee. This committee will coordinate plans for the next meeting to determine a location which will meet the requirements of our BFA members and decide on activities. Susan Scharf volunteered to head this committee because her experience with arranging the 2019 BFA Meeting will be very useful in arranging future meetings. Marcelle Hoffman volunteered to assist.
(3) The Genealogy Research Committee. This committee will assist BFA members in discovering their connections to Jean Pierre Bondurant using traditional genealogical methods as well as DNA testing. Susan Clark Neese will head this committee. Donna Crumb and Susan Scharf volunteered to assist.
Inez Griffels made a motion to establish these three committees as described. Tom BonDurant seconded the motion. Motion was carried unanimously.
Election of Officers for 2020-2021
The following slate of candidates for BFA Officers was submitted to the membership:
Bruce Ramsdell, President; Tom BonDurant, Vice President; Amy W. Sanders, Treasurer; Susan Clark Neese, Secretary; David Bondurant, Webmaster; Eve B. Mayes, Newsletter Editor
Susan McDonell made a motion to close nominations and vote on the slate of candidates as presented. Susan Clark Neese seconded the motion. The motion was carried, and the new officers were elected unanimously.
Bill BonDurant agreed to be backup webmaster.
President Bruce Ramsdell reminded everyone that the 2020 BFA Annual Meeting will be held in Virginia, per our by-laws. The Executive Board will decide on the date and location of the meeting, and the new Event Coordinator Committee will handle making the arrangements.
Susan Scharf made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Inez Griffels seconded the motion. The motion carried and the 2019 BFA Annual Meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Clark Neese Acting Secretary


Bondurant Family Association
Treasurer’s Report – September 30, 2019
Membership Active Members (Paid in 2019 dues as of September 30) 130
2019 Electronic copies 74 2019 Paper copies mailed USPS 37
2020 Electronic Copies 13 2020 Paper copies to be mailed USPS 3
2021 Electronic Copies 2 2021 Paper copies to be mailed USPS 1

Members Reported at Last Meeting (2018) 140
A renewal form was included as part of the Meeting Registration form included in both issues sent out this year (2019). The Renewal form was sent to all those who hadn’t renewed at that time and will be resent by the end of 2019.
Financial Balance of BFA funds on September 30, 2018 $8,478.44 Funds collected for dues $2,080.00 Gifts & Memorials received $33.50 T-Shirt Sales $875.00 (limited to the $875 investment, balance credited to Ann Tanner Memorial Fund)
Ann Tanner Marker Fund $420.00
Total received +$3,408.50
Expenses for editing, printing and mailing newsletters $1,382.83
Purchase of 100 30th Anniversary t-shirts to sell $875.00 Website hosting expenses $126.28 PayPal & Bank Service Fees (collected $2 to cover PP) $-18.82 2019 Meeting Expenses
(donations for meeting expenses 2019) $-50.00
Total paid out $-2,315.29
PayPal Funds $42.12
Regions Bank Funds $9,529.53
Balance of funds as of September 30, 2019 $9,571.65
BFA 30th Anniversary T-Shirts – 100 shirts were ordered and taken to the 2018 meeting to sell. As of Sept. 30, 2019, we have no XL shirts left and have available: 5 small, 4 medium, 6 large, 4 XXL, 9 XXXL and 8 XXXXL remaining to be sold. The original investment has been repaid and $110 was transferred on Sept. 30, 2019, to the Ann Tanner memorial marker fund, as voted on and agreed by those in attendance at the 2018 meeting in Midlothian, Virginia. Anyone wishing to purchase a shirt may do so by filling in the order form and mailing check with shipping to Amy.
The 2019 meeting is being held in Portland, Oregon, hosted by member Susan Bundrant Scharf. Next year’s meeting is due to be held in Virginia, location to be determined after the meeting by the Board and announced in upcoming newsletters.
Amy Warren Sanders, Treasurer
13 October 2019