Greetings from Newnan, Georgia

A beautiful sunny day in Newnan, Georgia, greeted the Bondurant Family Association group on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017. The group gathered on the lovely screened porch of the lake house of Bruce Ramsdell for the business meeting. Front: Mary Bondurant Warren, Judy Bondurant (wife of David), Stephanie Smith, Virginia Albrecht, Sharon Talley, Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman, Bruce Ramsdell (holding Nacho), Annie Jones, Donald Jones. Back: Eve B. Mayes, Marvin White, David Bondurant, Tom Bondurant, Tom Seaborn, Shirley Seaborn, Alvin Rockhey. Taken by David Bondurant.
The 2017 meeting of the Bondurant Family Association was held in Newnan, Georgia, hosted by Dr. Bruce Ramsdell and his partner Marvin White.
The Friday evening “Meet & Greet” took place at the Hampton Inn, followed by a screening of the movie Lawless.
On Saturday, a cavalcade tour visited several sites where Lawless was filmed: Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge and McIntosh Reserve Park, with a quick side-trip to the town of Haralson, site of the Walking Dead series. We gathered for lunch at Golden’s on the Square, with lots of good country dishes. And dinner was at Ruby Tuesday, near the hotel.
Attendees of this year’s meeting were: Theresa and John Tyree Bondurant, Judy & David Bondurant, Tom Bondurant, Katie Jopling Hill Smith, Bruce Ramsdell and Marvin White (our hosts), Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman, Annie Jones and her fiancé Alvin Rockhey, and her dad Donald Jones, Virginia Albrecht and her daughter Stephanie Smith, Shirley and Tom Seaborn, Sharon Talley and Kevin Tucker, Mary Bondurant Warren and her daughter Eve B. Mayes.
For those who could not join us this year, we missed you!
Letters from Our Presidents
Dear Bondurant Family, Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you a healthy 2018. It has been a joy to serve as your president for the past two years. It has given me the opportunity to meet
many new cousins and grow many branches in our Bondurant tree. The annual meetings have given me the occasion to visit new cities and areas of the country that I would not have visited on my own.
I welcome Bruce Ramsdell to the presidency. We are lucky to have him lead us for the next two years. I will continue to serve and help as the Vice President and aid him in the transition. I know he will introduce us to more family and other historical places that our family lived.
Please share a membership with the rest of your family to help them understand how we have grown. Share with your family the history of Jean Pierre Bondurant and his struggles to move to a better life. Share with them the history of your recent ancestry. Also share with them the areas in which you live and why your Bondurant family moved or even stayed in Virginia. Then show them how they can participate in the Bondurant Family Association and be a part of history.
Love to all my Bondurant cousins and have a healthy, prosperous New Year.
Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman
Outgoing President

Hello, Cousins,
page2image2936672 I would like to introduce myself, Bruce Ramsdell. I am the new president of the Bondurant Family Association. I live in Atlanta with my partner Marvin White. We hosted this year’s reunion at our home where we toured the filming sites for the movie “Lawless” about the moon shining Bondurant Brothers of Franklin, Virginia.
I did not always know I was a Bondurant. I discovered my great great grandmother to be Ruthe Cleopatra Alvatine Bondurant Burroughs. With a royal sounding name like that I had to know more. A quick Google search and I discovered: I AM A BONDURANT!!! I joined the association and have enjoyed the benefits ever since. I can’t tell you of the thrill I felt when I first visited the grave site of our progenitor Jean Pierre in Powhatan, Virginia. Or the pride I felt when I read the Bondurant books written by our cousin Mary Bondurant Warren. Meeting our cousins and friends on Facebook and at the reunions is life enriching. (The books are available with a BFA discount from Mary - see the order blank at the end of this issue or on the publications page of the BFA website: Also available on Amazon.)
For 2018 we are turning our attention back to Virginia. Next year’s reunion will be hosted by Shirley and Tom Seaborn who live in Midlothian, Virginia, which is just outside of Richmond, and near the grave site of Jean Pierre Bondurant and his wife Ann Tanner. We are formulating the plans now, but with the area’s rich Huguenot history, there will be plenty to do and see. We feel the success of the last reunion in Newnan, Georgia, has stimulated new interest in the BFA and we expect a good turnout. And we need some NEW BLOOD!!!!
One more comment: I encourage you to become familiar with your place in the Bondurant Tree. I was in Bedford, Virginia visiting the museum. After some discussion I found out the museum director is also a Bondurant. She was able to calculate that we are 7th cousins. We immediately became kinsman and I have a “connection” at that museum!!! There are literally thousands of Bondurant descendants in the USA, but most of them are not aware of our organization.
If you would like to chat with me one on one, my email is Phone: 404-272-0071. I look forward to seeing my cousins and friends, and meeting many more this year.
Bruce Ramsdell
Saturday, October 21, 2017
Newnan, Georgia
The annual meeting was held on the spacious porch of the home of Dr. Bruce Ramsdell and Marvin White on the afternoon. The morning had been spent on a guided tour of sites in the area that had been used in the filming of the movie Lawless.
President Marcelle Hoffman called the meeting to order, and minutes of the 2016 meeting were read and approved. The Treasurer Amy Sanders was absent, but copies of her report were distributed to members present. Approved. It is reproduced in this issue.
Eve B. Mayes had prepared a description of the Bondurant DNA project. It included an overview of the various DNA testing companies, some of whom are advertising on TV. There was a discussion of why and how to test, and what information has been learned already as a result of earlier tests.
Webmaster David Bondurant reported on changes which had been made in the content on the BFA website, and its operation.
Numbers of Facebook members of the Bondurant Family Association for several years past were given: 2017 - 471; 2015 - 379; 2014 - 322. The Bundrant Family Name group had 2017 - 188; 2015 - 182; 2014 - 162.
There was a discussion of the condition and care of the Bondurant gravesite near Midlothian, VA. The question, formerly tabled, of whether to change the length of service of officers, was reopened and discussed. A vote was taken, and the officers’ terms will continue to be two years. The proposed slate of officers for 2018-2019 was passed unanimously (see list on page 1).
On even years, the Association meets somewhere in Virginia. Sites were discussed for next year, and a motion was made and passed to hold the 2018 meeting in the vicinity of Midlothian, VA. Shirley and Tom Seaborn who live in Midlothian offered to help make arrangements for our next meeting. Their offer was gratefully accepted!
John Tyree Bondurant suggested that the 2019 meeting be held in the Memphis, TN, area. That decision will be voted on at the 2018 meeting.
The group thanked our hosts Bruce Ramsdell and Marvin White for their hospitality, and the meeting was adjourned.
Mary Bondurant Warren Secretary
Bondurants at the Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge. Back: David Bondurant, Shirley Seaborn, Tom Bondurant, Tom Seaborn, John Tyree Bondurant, Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman, Kevin Tucker. Front: Stephanie Smith, Virginia Albrecht, Bruce Ramsdell, Sharon Talley, Judy Bondurant (wife of David), Mary Bondurant Warren. Taken by Eve B. Mayes
Bondurant Family Association Treasurer’s Report - September 30, 2017
Active Members (Dues paid as of September 30, 2017) - 132
2017 Electronic copies - 62

2017 Paper copies mailed USPS Members - 49
Reported at Last Meeting - 135

Dues already paid for 2018 Electronic Copies - 12
2018 Paper copies to be mailed USPS - 10
2019 Electronic copies - 1
2019 Paper copies to be mailed USPS - 1

A renewal form was included as part of the Meeting Registration form included in both issues sent out this year (2017). Renewal forms were sent out with the final issue of 2017 mailed and emailed to all those who hadn’t renewed at that time.
FINANCIAL Balance of BFA funds on September 30, 2016 - $5,697.99
Funds collected from dues & back issues - $2,120.00
Gifts received - $55.00
Total rec’d - $2,175.00
Expenses for editing, printing and mailing 3 newsletters - $1,176.71
PayPal Service Fees (collected $2 to cover this expense) - $-16.96
2016 Meeting Expenses (money collected prior to meeting) - $-30.00
Total paid - $1,129.75
PayPal Funds - $ 21.44
Regions Bank Funds - $ 6991.80
Balance of funds as of September 30, 2017 - $ 7,013.24
Due to my recent evacuation for Hurricane Irma and getting caught back up at my job at Florida Beer Co., I am not able to get away to join the fun in Newnan this year.
The fee for the reserved meeting room for our 2016 Meeting in Norfolk, Virginia, was $250+tax, but we weren’t charged for this after all, therefore we didn’t expend anything to cover the room use. This year’s meeting will be held in the home of our member Bruce Ramsdell, which will help us avoid expending for meeting room again this year. Anyone wishing to pay their dues can give to my mom (Mary B. Warren) at this year’s meeting.
Next year’s meeting is due to be held in Virginia. Also this year is time for our election for officers, please be sure to join in supporting in the role of an officer so we may continue to enjoy our BFA. (I will gladly accept another nomination/election to serve BFA as Treasurer, if desired by those in attendance,)
Amy Warren Sanders, Treasurer 8 October 2017