One Huguenot’s Flight from Religious Persecution Creates the Bondurant Family in America

Genolhac and the Regordane Road


The Bondurant Family lived in the region of Rouergue and the Cevennes mountains of the Central Massif.  Historically, commerce traveled from the North of France to the ports on the Mediterranean Sea over an old Roman road called the Regordane Road.  Our Bondurant ancestors moved to towns along this road such Vielvic, Genolhac, and Malhieres.  The Bondurants ran inns on the road.  The road passed down la Grand Rue in Genolhac and bisected Belle-Polle where a restored Bondurant inn resides today.  Jean Pierre Bondurant, our ancestor, lived in Genolhac in a house (shown above) on the la Grand Rue prior to escape to America.

regordane map small

Bondurant ancestors ran inns on the Regordane road to the Mediterranean Sea

Early Bondurant History summarized from “The Bondurants of Genolhac, France” by Mary Bondurant Warren