One Huguenot’s Flight from Religious Persecution Creates the Bondurant Family in America

Bondurant Family History Books

The Bondurant's of Genolhac, France [Vol. 1]

By Mary Bondurant Warren
Written by BFA historian Mary Bondurant Warren, after numerous researching trips to France and Switzerland, this is a history of the ancient ancestors of our immigrant ancestor, JEAN-PIERRE BONDURANT. He was an apothecary, born in Genolhac, France, who landed at Jamestown, Virginia, on 20 Sept. 1700. A chapter entitled "Our Ancient Ancestors" was contributed by Jeff Duvall, and takes the Bondurant family back 30 generations from Jean-Pierre to Charlemagne. We learn of French, Spanish and Neopolitan ancestors we didn't know we had, and in the process a lot of French history. Along with family history and family trees, photographs of the sites and documents relating to the family, maps, a detailed driving tour of the Languedoc area of southern France allows you to visit at your leisure the important places associated with the Bondurant family ancestors and the Huguenots.
The Bondurants of America - Jean Pierre and Ann [Vol. 2]

By Mary Bondurant Warren, with Ruby Talley Smith and Amy Warren Sanders
The Bondurants’ “First Hundred Years” in Virginia. Here is the story of Huguenot Jean Pierre Bondurant’s life after he landed in 1700 at Jamestown. How did this French exile adapt to an English-speaking society? What was his life like in the colony? Meet his wife Ann Tanner, and learn more about their five children, and grandchildren. Watch the Bondurant family grow with the colony, move into new lands, and new occupations. Hardbound, 218 pages including maps, illustrations and a full name index.
The Bondurants of America - Ann Tanner's Ancestors [Vol. 3]

By Mary Bondurant Warren, with Ruby Talley Smith and Amy Warren Sanders
Jean Pierre Bondurant married into established English families in tidewater Virginia: Tanner, Hatcher, Jones and Lound. These are the stories of his wife Ann’s ancestors who had been in the colony two or three generations when the Huguenots arrived. Learn more about the parts Ann’s ancestors played in Virginia’s early history and where they lived. Hardbound, 173 pages including maps, illustrations and a full name index.
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