The Bondurant clan gathers in the host hotel Hampton Inn & Suites Airport for the 2016 annual meeting of the Bondurant Family Association on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016.  Front row (L-R), Bobby Bondurant and his wife Judy from Amherst, VA, Judy Bondurant (wife of BFA webmaster David W.), Gloria Jones and her daughter Annie (new members), Kim Campbell, BFA President Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman, Peter Lundgren and Stan Bondurant (Jack's son). Back row (L-R) Jack Bondurant, David W. Bondurant, Tom BonDurant, and Ray Campbell. Taken by David Bondurant.


Friday, October 21-Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hampton Inn 1511 USAA Drive, Norfolk, VA

Friday night’s meeting which was to start at 7:00 pm actually started with an impromptu gathering in the breakfast reception area of the hotel. It was a warm area with chairs and tables in which several Bondurants sat down and talked. By the time the actual Meet Your Kin started we all were familiar with the new attendees and had socialized with the prior members.

The Meet Your Kin started by introductions from all. There were 16 present. We all introduced ourselves, where we are from, how and why we are all here. Kim and Ray Campbell were also at the meeting. Kim is a genealogist who has completed several genealogy books and teaches classes in genealogy. She contributed to answering some research questions.

New members Annie Smith and her mother Gloria Smith came from Michigan to the meeting. She introduced herself and had many questions about the family and research. Kim being a genealogist teacher and researcher understand brick walls and listed all the other places that could be researched to complete information lost by the “burned out” counties, such as church records, legal records in other counties. sales of land, special collections in libraries, Bibles, and many more places. Kim also suggested that Annie ask everywhere she goes if there are any “special collections” in their library. Annie asked who traveled the longest to the meeting, in which David said Colorado and I said California. She came from Michigan. Stan Bondurant brought some of his cousin’s Bondurant Moonshine to see and taste. Bobby and Judy brought some of their delicious orchard apples to share. The meet and greet ended around 9:30.

Saturday’s business meeting started at 9:00 am and was called to order by Marcelle Hoffman. She introduced herself and other officers present: David Bondurant, web master. She explained that other board members, V. P. Michael Salzburg-Felts; Treasurer: Amy Warren Sanders; Secretary: Mary Bondurant Warren; newsletter editor: Eve B. Mayes were absent because of illness or new employment. There was a sigh of regret among the group.

Marcelle Hoffman welcomed all those who came and reminded them to sign in and inscribe their badges. Last year (2105) meeting’s minutes were read by the president. Motion to approve was led by Judy Bondurant and all were approved. The Treasurer’s report was read by the president. Tom Bondurant motioned to approve; the report was voted on and approved by the group.


1. DNA project reports were deferred until next year because Amy and Eve were not present.

2. The Jean Pierre Bondurant gravesite was discussed. It was mentioned by Marcelle Hoffman that Shalon Bondurant Jarrell used to care for the JPB site, but now no one is available to care for it. Bruce Ramsdell, MD, and Marvin White said they had just visited the site and found it in relatively good condition. There were magnolia leaves within the closure, but the vines were not overgrown. They said they would be willing to approach the owners of the house to see if the occupants were interested in taking care of the site for us. They brought up the idea of giving a donation to the family for their work. At one time there was a donation given to the prior family for the care of the gravesite. The group discussed that idea and asked that Bruce and Marvin see what they could do to include the family in the care of the gravesite.


1. Facebook: Marcelle Hoffman said there were two Bondurant/Bundurant sites on Facebook. The Bondurant site grew from 378 to 414 members and the Bundurant site grew from 180 to 185 members. Marcelle Hoffman said she would investigate if there were any other family groups online that could provide a connection to the Bondurants to increase the BFA membership and the Bondurant interest, such as Tanner, Moseley family connections.

2. Website report was given by David Bondurant. He has instituted bill pay with membership online. All the archived letters are posted online on the site in which can be researched. David will look into the problems that the server or hosting site has with the BFA website and will report at the next meeting.


1. Referring to the prior reading of the treasurer’s report we voted and approved the costs for Eve Mayes to continue the newsletter and the same costs going to Eve that went to Mary Warren when she was writing and sending the newsletters.

2. Other expenses were the meeting room at this year’s event, which cost $250.00. It was noted by Marcelle Hoffman that there were donations given to supplement the meeting cost and that the BFA was paying for the difference. She also said that donations can continue to be given to BFA for memorials or birthdays that would keep our costs down for these meetings. David Bondurant noted that the budget is finally in the black after many years losing money from mailings and other expenses. This is because of the electronic mailings and the fewer postal mailings. We encouraged those donations.

Elections: It was mentioned that our next meeting will bring on new officers. The officer positions were re-read and Marcelle said that in the next few newsletters there will be postings of any positions open for voting in 2017.

Meetings: Marcelle Hoffman mentioned that there has been a suggestion to change the bylaws to have meetings every other year. There was little interest in that subject and it was tabled.

She also brought up a meeting space for next year 2017 which is to be held outside of Virginia. Some suggested cities include Memphis, TN, Melbourne, FL, Denver, CO, St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL, Newnan, GA, and New Orleans, LA. The board will vote on the site for next year’s meeting which will be announced in a future newsletter. If you have a suggestion for a location, or would be interested in hosting or helping with a meeting, please email your editor

Before David Bondurant’s talk on Norfolk, Marcelle Bondurant reminded the group of the dinner time change & reservations, membership payments and the other areas of the city to visit in the afternoon: Nauticus/Wisconsin ship; Moses-Myers house; Willoughby House; Victorian Museum. Several of the group discussed meeting for lunch and then going out from there. Some also are visiting Yorktown. Marcelle Bondurant thanked Bobby and Judy again for the apples and Stan and Pete for the moonshine.

Hampton Roads – Yesterday and Today: This year David W. Bondurant presented importance of the naval base in Norfolk, Va during the WWII. He talked about the ships leaving the area and the different Bondurants that were in the city during the war. His presentation included photos of the port and his Bondurant family He also spoke of his father William George Bondurant meeting Mary Warren Bondurant’s father, John Parnell Bondurant II, who was on his way to Algeria; and of taking Joan Bondurant on a tour of Williamsburg before she embarked for India with the OSS. His slides are included in this issue, starting on page 6.

The meeting was adjourned.
Minutes taken by President Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman

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