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Dear Bondurants,
Looking back over the last 13 months we have enjoyed two annual meetings. The meeting in Phoenix in ’13 was such a great venue with Bob & Pat Bondurant providing such a fabulous opportunity and were such grand hosts. This year’s meeting in Alexandria was in a very interesting area, with Bondurant heritage in the surrounding states. New members were welcomed and enjoyed at both meetings and a connection to the “Bundrant” spelling has been verified as another branch of the BFA family.

Ed found on eBay an 1898 envelope addressed to A.J. Bondurant in Melbourne, Australia. AJB was a government expert on growing tobacco.

Recently some interesting articles and posts have appeared on the BFA Facebook page, providing Bondurant history in several areas of the country. One letter was found showing that a relative left Virginia and was working in the Victoria Colony of Australia, around the turn of the century. The BFA Facebook page now has 333 members.

Some serious questions have been raised in the recent year about maintaining the health of the BFA. Since Mary Warren Bondurant and her family have been so instrumental in spearheading most of the research and other elements that make the BFA what it is today, the question remains, what can be done to maintain, improve and support the BFA? Concerns raised are centering on some of the “principle” members having health issues along with age restrictions, and how to gain support from younger generations and families.

How can the BFA attract members and families to the annual meetings along with supporting the BFA in various ways? Among the suggestions is having “PayPal” or other forms of electronic ease of payment. This allows the Facebook visitors and members the simplicity of paying for annual dues, meeting fees or other services with a couple of “clicks” while visiting Facebook or the BFA website. I will not categorize myself as a young person, but I pay most of my bills with some form of electronic payment and I feel many younger families will take advantage of this feature to support the BFA and satisfy the “impulse” they may have at the moment. This will eliminate the “busy life” or “forgetful factor” and not making effort later.

In the interim, best to all of the BFA family, looking forward to the 2015 BFA annual meeting and newsletters.

Ed Bondurant President BFA

Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Bondurant Family Association

Oct. 17-18, 2014 at Embassy Suites Hotel, Alexandria, VA

This year’s “Meet & Greet” on Friday night was attended by 26 family members. Vice President Marcelle Hoffman presided in the absence of our President Ed Bondurant. We introduced ourselves, explained which child we descended from, and heard interesting family stories.

Several members with the Bundrant surname attended for the first time, and from them we learned that the spelling variation seems to have taken place about the time of the Civil War.

Jack Bondurant (Andrew Jackson, Jr.) told us that his father A.J., Sr., was born just a few days before the census taker arrived at the family home in 1900. When asked what the baby’s name was, the response was “Jesse Minter Bondurant.” The family story was that some relative offered the father money to carry on this earlier Bondurant’s given name. The young child in 1910 census had the name by which he always was known henceforth, Andrew Jackson Bondurant.

THE 2014 ANNUAL MEETING - Saturday morning, Oct. 18, 2014

The annual meeting on Saturday morning was convened by VP Marcelle Hoffman, with 28 persons present. The reports of the Secretary, Treasurer, and a report on the DNA project followed. The Association has 128 paid members in 2014, and about half of them have elected to receive their newsletters by email, thus reducing the cost of mailing.

Photos wanted for the BFA Website

Web-master David Bondurant has maintained the Association’s site, and reminded everyone that he was prepared to put photographs and create family albums on the site if scanned photos and documents and details are sent to him. Contact David via email at or by mail at 560 Crosswind Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80906-7681.

Proposed 2015 Trip to France

David brought up the potential for a trip to France in 2015 with a visit to Genolhac, the hometown of Jean Pierre Bonduant. He is willing to plan the trip if at least 6 persons would commit to going. This would make it possible to employ a French-English translator to travel with the group. If you’re interested, contact David via email at or by mail at 560 Crosswind Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80906-7681.

Possible Locations for the 2015 Annual Meeting

Several sites ranging from Memphis, TN, St. Louis, MO, Bondurant, IA, San Antonio, TX, New Orleans, LA and Colorado Springs, CO, were mentioned as possible sites for the 2015 meeting. The decision as to location and date will be made by the BFA Board and announced in a future issue of the newsletter.

Early Bondurant Wives

Our first speaker John Tyree Bondurant, a retired attorney from Louisville, KY, brought us the ancestry and family connections among Bondurant wives in the first three generations. [Editor's Note: His presentation and the supporting documentation will appear in future issues of the BFA newsletter. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!]

He began with Sarah Rachael Taylor, who first married Robert Ligon Moseley. When widowed she married John Bondurant, and thus was the ancestress of many of the attendees. Two generations further back of the Taylor family have been identified through legal records. John also remarked that the Bondurant men seem to have married into Virginia’s English gentry, rather than finding brides among the Huguenots. Their sisters on the other hand married among the Huguenot families of Manakintown, Faure/Ford and Sallee/Salley.

The next wife of note was Rhoda Agee, who became the wife of Rev. Thomas Bondurant. Rhoda herself was also a descendant of Jean Pierre, through his daughter Ann and husband James Fauree/Ford. [Editor's Note: Due to time contraints, John’s information on the third wife of note, Jane Prunty, wife of Jacob Bondurant, was not covered. The material that our speaker John Tyree Bondurant has compiled on her and her family will be featured in the next issue of the BFA newsletter. ]

As John says “All genealogical research is a work in process. Consequently, I will welcome any questions, comments, modifications or additions that you care to send to”

From Bondurant to Bundrant

Bundrant Family of Sugarland, Texas

Our next speaker, new member Susan Bundrant Scharf, brought the history of one branch of the family who became Bundrants and left
the East for new lands in the west. She covered the family from the colonial period to the late 1800s as they left Virginia and moved gradually across the continent from Virginia to Tennessee, then to Texas.
Susan’s grandparents continued on to the west coast, and settled in Oregon, her birthplace. With a remarkable collection of family photographs, she was able to show the members of the Bundrant family as they moved and aged.

Many of the photos, she disclosed, had been shared through the Bundrant Family Surname Facebook page, when she asked for help. There were views of homesteads in Texas and Oregon, pickup trucks loaded with family and goods on the move, men in uniform and work clothes, and several photographs of their expanding family posed in their Sunday best!

Sharing Family Photos

Susan’s presentation excited her audience to get together THEIR family pictures, and prepare a similar family album for enjoyment and for posterity. It also brought David’s reminder that such collections as this could be put on the Bondurant Family Association’s web site for all to enjoy. Contact David via email at or by mail at 560 Crosswind Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80906-7681.

Some of the group gathered for lunch at Mount Vernon, followed by a tour of George and Martha Washington’s home. The day ended with a group supper at the King Street Blues restaurant in Old Alexandria.

At the close of the gathering on Sunday morning, we visited a few more minutes before scattering to our respective homes until next year.

Mary Bondurant Warren, Secretary pro tempore