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One Hugenot’s Flight From Religious Persecution Creates The Bondurant Family In America


From Our President

Happy Holidays to the Bondurant Family,

We had a great year this year. It was our first meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This is a beautiful historic city. Most people know it as the home of the Alamo and a river walk.

The San Antonio River was discovered in 1535 by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. On St. Anthony’s Day in 1691 the then Spanish governor, Los Rios, renamed the river from the First Nation’s name of Yanaguana to the San Antonio River in honor of Saint Anthony. It had been a very important travel route for the First Nation and Spanish as they traveled from the Gulf of Mexico. The Spanish built missions on the river and many others in San Antonio area. During our visiting weekend the missions were celebrating their recent honor from UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which has named five of them as a World Heritage Site. These five missions are the largest concentration of Spanish Colonial church buildings in North America. Some of the group took the opportunity to visit the missions during the weekend.

In the 2015 annual meeting on Saturday, the family history presentation was delivered by Michael Salzburg-Felts. Michael spoke and displayed pictures of his family and ancestors, giving us wonderful presentation on his Bundrant side of the family. He and Kevin also hosted and catered the meeting this year in their home. We thank both Michael and Kevin for sharing their home and taking their time to make this year’s meeting a success.

Now you can PAY/RENEW your membership with a credit card or electronic check! An important thing that was passed at the 2015 meeting is the payment of our dues through Paypal and electronic check. I am very excited about this change – it has been in the works for years. I hope those members who have never joined because of the difficulty or inconvenience of mailing paper checks can now do so. BFA can accept bank checks directly from the bank, checks through the post or credit card payments through PayPal.

Now that we have multiple ways to paying dues, it is a wonderful time to renew or to give gift memberships to those who are not members, like children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, even grandparents who would love to share their family lore. Contact Amy Sanders, our treasurer, through our website, a private Facebook message, or by emailing her at if you have questions.

Happy New Year to all of the Bondurant family in 2016!

Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman President 2016-2017

Bondurant Family Association

Annual Meeting

San Antonio, TX

October 16-17, 2015

In the absence of our President, Ed Bondurant, Vice President Marcelle Hoffman opened the meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn. “Meet Your Kin” brought some new kinfolks, and their memorabilia.

Don and Joyce Bundrant of Argyle, TX, came with scannings of his Bundrant ancestors, and their graveyard in Bell and Coryell Cos., TX.

Pete and Judith Felts, parents of Michael Salzburg-Felts, our host, came to meet these new relatives.

Jan Moses, Ruby Smith’s son, had created a disk of views of the Genolhac, France, area which he had gleaned on the French version of Google. He made enough disks for each of us to have a copy, and during the evening we looked at the sites, and made comments on their significance.

Our meeting on Oct. 17th was held at the home of Michael and Kevin Salzburg-Felts.  We were joined by Mary and Joseph Lambert, formerly of IL, who now live in San Antonio. Mary is the descendant of Maurice/Morris Hamilton and Mary Bondurant.  Again Vice President Marcelle presided. Minutes of the 2014 meeting were read and approved, and the report of our Treasurer Amy Sanders was distributed to those attending. It will be published in the newsletter.

David Bondurant reported on the website, and after a discussion, he will investigate how we might collect dues and membership electronically. We voted to make this possible.  Mary B. Warren expressed her opinion that BFA should revert to one-year terms for officers, which we had when the Association was founded. She suggested that it be publicized in the newsletter and brought to a vote at the next meeting. If passed, those officers elected in 2017 would serve one-year terms, but could be reelected by the membership for successive terms. Next year the BFA meeting will be held at or near Charlottesville, VA. Date may be either Oct. 14, or Oct. 21, 2016; Marcelle will investigate conflicts there with other activities, particularly Homecoming at U VA, or football games. The date should be selected by the time our next issue is to be published.

Michael gave an interesting PowerPoint presentation on his ancestor William Henry Harrison Bundrant, born in 1841, Hawkins Co., TN, and died there. He served during the Civil War in the Confederate forces, and became the progenitor of a large family of children.

An election of officers for the next two years was held. Marcelle Hoffman, President, Michael Salzburg-Felts, Vice President, Mary B. Warren, Secretary, Amy Sanders, Treasurer, Eve B. Mayes, Editor, David Bondurant, WebMaster.

At the end of the meeting we enjoyed a pleasant box lunch outside on the patio. Fortunately our meeting concluded before San Antonio was flooded by Hurricane Patricia.

Bondurant Family Association Treasurer’s Report- September 30, 2015

Active Members (2015 dues paid as of September 30) - 132

2015 Electronic newsletter copies - 72
2015 Paper newsletter copies mailed USPS - 60

2016 Electronic Newsletter copies - 11
2016 Paper newsletter copies to be mailed - 15

2017 Electronic newsletter copies to be sent - 1

2017 Paper newsletter copies to be mailed - 1

Membership Reported at 2013 Meeting - 128

Our newsletter editor, Eve Mayes, sent Renewal envelopes out after the final issue was mailed and then emailed the Renewal form to all those who hadn't renewed for 2015 or prior years and had great response. Envelopes will be mailed with the final issue for 2015 and an email form will be emailed to those who receive their issues by email only.

Balance of BFA funds on September 30, 2014 - $3,840.33

Funds collected from dues & back issues of newsletters - $2,655.00

Postage for mailed newsletter copies - $5.00

2014 Meeting Payment Rec'd after 9/30/14 - $49.93

** 2015 Meeting Prepaid Money - $234.00

Gifts received - $167.00
(Memorials $47.00)
(Gifts to cover meeting costs $60.00)

Total received - $3,110.93


Expenses for editing, printing and mailing newsletter - $1,250.39

Expense for BFA website (annual hosting) - $155.40

Treasurer's expenses - $162.00

2014 Meeting Expenses Paid
(Meeting Room $106.00, Mt. Vernon $187.00, King St. Blues Restaurant $299.93) ($504.00 collected prior to meeting with additional $49.93 collected at meeting - Total $553.93 and $592.93 paid out, leaving $39 to be covered from treasury)

Total Paid Out - $1,998.72

Balance of funds as of September 30, 2015 - $4,952.54

The above funds are maintained at Regions Bank near my home.


** 2015 Meeting Prepaid Expenses Collected:

$234.00 collected but not paid to vendor

9 Lunch Reservations - $ 72.00
6 Dinner Reservations - $162.00

Comments from the Treasurer

Our 2016 meeting will be held in Virginia, location still to be determined.
Due to the sale of my home in Jefferson, GA, I have moved and settled in Melbourne, FL.

Because of this move I had to move the BFA Treasury to a bank that I could access in Melbourne, so BFA funds were moved from the Athens, GA bank (First American Bank & Trust) to Regions Bank - no expenses were incurred with this move as I didn't order checks (will use online Bill Pay to send monies needed via checks).

Amy Warren Sanders, Treasurer 12 October 2015

© Bondurant Family Association, 2016

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